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19F Kolokotroni Street, Pissouri Village, Limassol.

Tel: 00 357 25221216 / Mob: 00 357 99274844
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Pool and Grounds maintenance... Air conditioning and Security services..
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Home Maintenance Services..

We can organise and monitor regular maintenance of your home as determined by you.

This may include weed control, landscaping, specialist housekeeping, window cleaning and all repairs. For specialist repair work, we can liaise with local trades people.

Cyprus Home Guard has an on-call handyman service available as and when needed 24/7.
Estimates will be given before any job is undertaken.
An email report will be sent after each inspection or maintenance visit with pictures or video. In the event a problem is detected that requires immediate attention, you will be notified by phone. On your instruction, we will gladly contact the tradesperson of your preference to make any repairs. If you do not have a preference, or they are too busy to act immediately, we can arrange a reliable alternative.

Based on monthly visits ...
  • 1 bedroom   30
  • 2 bedrooms 35
  • 3 bedrooms 40
  • 4 bedrooms 45
  • HOME MAINTENANCE - from 15 per hour

All additional costs are extra, e.g. Postage to UK, cost of repairs.
Click to [PRICES] page to view the cost of those additional services.

Water and electric meters read regularly for indication of abnormal usage.

Home maintenance and repairs for your Cyprus property

Property Monitor is a great service which really will give you peace of mind.
Your property will be checked weekly for security and service checks, as listed below, performed as required:

  • Security checks on Doors, Windows and Shutters
  • Electricals checked and switched off if property is going to be vacant for a period
  • Freezer unit defrosted (when required)
  • Kettle de-scaled (when required)
  • Air-conditioning filters cleaned (when required)
  • Electric and water meters read
  • External fixtures and fittings intact
  • Outside furniture put away as required
  • Check your post
  • 24/7 Call out for problems.
Online Reporting.. All activities will be logged on-line so you can just log in and see the current report. (View Sample Report)

As you can see from the above list you will be able to relax knowing your property will be looked after in a professional and caring manner.
We will be on hand for any problems, both when your property is occupied and when your property is empty.

Don't forget - any worries - we are only an email or phone call away.

Garden, grounds maintenance GARDENING

Our gardening maintenance service covers the general care of your garden from weeding to watering and making sure your garden looks healthy for your arrival.

Please contact us to give details of your requirements.

Price: from 15 per hour


As part of our Property Maintenance Service and Property Monitor we will inform you if your exterior windows are in need of a clean. The exterior window cleaning service is operated on an as needed basis, although regular cleaning can be arranged.

Price: from 10

Pool maintenance POOL

Our Private pool service keeps your pool in tip top condition, we inspect your filters and check the chemical balances and any dirt or rubbish removed from the water. Any problems which may need specialist parts or additional costs for repair will be reported to you immediately.

We will quote on an individual basis depending on the size of the pool and the number of visits required per week.

Price: from 60 per month for 2 visits per week on a standard pool

Key Holding service KEY HOLDING SERVICE

We are on call 24/7 should your alarm be activated, or in fire, flood or earthquake we will ensure everything is safe and secure. We liaise with the local police and village office to resolve any matters, and keep in contact with you.

For this service there is a call out charge (pre- agreed with you).

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